Face Slimming

Desire for Sharp Features: In today’s highly aesthetic-oriented society, many people desire chiseled and well-contoured facial features, including prominent cheeks, a flat buccal area, a sharp jawline, and tight skin.

Facial Sculpting Defined: Facial sculpting, or facial contouring, involves a combination of elective cosmetic procedures aimed at reshaping facial contours and enhancing the overall appearance of the face. The goal is to improve facial proportions and features.

Specific Procedures: Various procedures can target specific areas of the face, including augmentation with facial implants and dermal fillers for areas like the malar, chin, and lips. Reducing facial fat is achieved through methods like liposuction, lipolytic agents, or cryolipolysis. Buccal fat pad removal reduces fullness in the buccal area, while masseter hypertrophy can be reduced through surgical excision or botulinum toxin. Lax skin can be tightened to define facial contours using high-intensity focused ultrasound or radiofrequency.

Customized Approach: Since individuals have different needs and expectations, the results of facial sculpting procedures can vary. However, in general, patients can expect a well-balanced and well-contoured face with sharp features, including prominent cheeks, a defined jawline, smooth mandibular angles, a sharper jaw-to-neck angle, and tighter skin.